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We are scouting. If you are music producer want to join us, send your works demo/link to
Platinumbz Music Producer


Fery Sinaga who also known as "Ferinaga ChillKid' Platinum" is a music producer & songwriter. Go by the name Platinumbz as a Music Producer & ChillKidd' as a performing stage name (known before as Frey). Been producing a lot of music & working with a lot of Indonesian & also overseas upstart artists. "Simple is more" is his characteristic in music producing. He started the first era of YC Entertainment in 2010, been through some good & bad times, gain & lose in music scene with YC. Holds certificate Degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production, latest he graduated from an online course of Music Bussiness. As per his A&R accepted application to an Online Music Distributor & Publisher from Europe, now he running back YC Entertainment with a fresher concept, fresh talented acts & work professionally.


Michelle O'

Debut single coming soon!

Gerry Abraham

Gerry Abraham

Gerry Abraham is a professional drummer from Jakarta. Been drumming anywhere in Jakarta including for some churches. He is also the co-founder of the new era of YC Entertainment, it started when he was from american company & Fery was from germanian company working for banking project in a same place at BNI headquarter office. Shared great thoughts, positive vibes & knowledge to each other then they realize they have a similiar thoughts & dreams, New Era of YC Entertainment started.


Agatha Feb

Debut Single Coming SOON!

We Are Scouting

We are scouting. If you are talented singer, music/instrument performer want to join us, send your demo or link to your recorded performance to

YC Music Globalizer

Now We are a partner to one of Online Music Distributor & Publisher. Fery is one of their A&R representing Indonesia, we can distribute your music globally through most of populer online music store & streaming service including itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and many more.

We only review your music personally, you can directly email to Fery -
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